Freedom-centred organisations are outperforming their competitors by 3 times. Is your business ahead of the game?

The Happy Startup School – A better way to build a startup

startup summercamp
Just 5 weeks left ’til the summercamp tribe flock to the Sussex hills for a weekend of yurts, ales, life changing talks, creative skills classes, a camp full of business leaders and awesome live music.

We’re going back to basics in a bid to refuel our creativity. The best place to do this? Around a campfire. Have a read of our top tips for regaining your creative spark on Lifehacker this week, and take yourself away from it all by booking a space in one of the summercamp bell tents. There’s still time.


Earlier this year, Spook Studio, the home of the Happy Startup School were proudly listed as one of 41 Worldblu accredited Most Democratic Workplaces in world. Alongside some of the other listed organisations creating waves in 21st Century business, Propellernet, Nixon McInnes & Delivering Happiness (all present at summercamp this year) we’re delighted Miranda…

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