Nonprofits Will Lose Workers to Business Unless They Feel a Sense of Purpose

Human Services Policy Network

by Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative, originally for The Chronicle of Philanthropy

purpose 2Like many nonprofits, my organization is overwhelmed by lawyers, doctors, marketing chiefs, and other business professionals seeking opportunities to volunteer. They email and call every day to offer to help. In some cases, they want to work full-time.

A similar deluge of interest came when I was running the Taproot Foundation, an organization that links professionals with nonprofits in need of their expertise and skills as volunteers. But the shocking thing is that my new organization, Imperative, is for-profit. People are calling me because they want to volunteer for a company.

Think about that for a second: Why would professionals want to donate their time to help me make money?

The answers to what motivates this behavior is important for nonprofits to understand if they expect to continue to attract the most talented employees and volunteers in America—and ensure that…

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